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Francesco Baittiner: A Premier Firm Specialising in Customs Services and Fiscal Consultancy for Freight Transport, Imports and Exports

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Navigating foreign trade can be a tremendous challenge as each country has its own unique regulations and requirements. Only a small portion of those regulations are standardized across the EU and through international agreements. This can make handling customs a complex and challenging process, but that’s precisely where the experts at Francesco Baittiner can assist.

At Francesco Baittiner, clients enjoy access to a full host of customs services and fiscal consultancy solutions for all matters relating to freight transport across international borders.

In fact, Francesco Baittiner is regarded as one of the world’s premier firms specialising in international customs services and international goods transport. Our elite team of experts can help clients to handle customs with ease, enabling them to avoid delays, mishaps and other problems.

Francesco Baittiner was founded decades ago to handle customs-related transactions in the Port of Naples. Over several generations, the company has grown and expanded, handling matters related to imports, exports, and transport by sea and beyond.

Today, Francesco Baittiner is nestled amidst the City of Naples’ harbor, the heart of Italy’s international trade industry. Francesco Baittiner’s offices are located just minutes from the airport, the customs offices, the Finances Guard, and the Interporto di Nola, where the warehouses are situated.

Francesco Baittiner also maintains a presence in other areas, including Genoa, Salerno, Livorno, Milan, Rome, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Francesco Baittiner has a unique philosophy in the customs services and fiscal consultancy for freight transport niche. This company takes a unique approach in its service offerings, blending logistic attendance services, customs-related consulting and advising, and providing recommendations on international transport, import, export and shipping.

Francesco Baittiner’s customs services include:

assistance with customs formalities involving the export, import and transit of goods and ships;
assistance with customs formalities involving the harbour master, finance authorities, police and maritime authorities;
assistance with the embarkation or disembarkation of Italian and foreign seamen in Italian or foreign ports;
assistance for release of certificates with the harbour master;
assistance with the embarkation, disembarkation and transit of dangerous cargo;
.and much more.

Shipping, exporting and importing are key elements for many companies’ operations. Ensuring smooth dealings with customs will ensure that your goods arrive at the proper location when they’re required.

To learn more about Francesco Baittiner and their services, including customs solutions and fiscal consultancy for freight transport, visit FrancescoBaittiner.it.
customs services, fiscal consultancy for freight transport

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