Orario: Lun - Ven 09:00 - 18:00


  • Customs formalities for export, import and transit of goods
  • Customs formalities for export and import of ships
  • Customs assistance for the accomplishment of the formalities to the Custom, Harbour Master, Finanza, Police and Maritime Authorities
  • Assistance for bunker authorization by mean sea barge or to half tanker with assistance of the Fireman
  • Assistance for embarkation and/or disembarkation of ships provisions store
  • Assistance for embarking e/o disembarking Italian and foreign seamen on the ships in Italian and/or foreigners ports
  • Assistance to release consolate approvals for maritime
  • Harbour Master formalities for the naval ownership
  • Assistance for authorization embarkation, disembarking and transit dangerous cargo in conformity of the normative IMO
  • Assistance for release certified to the Harbour Master and/or Naval Registers
  • Assistance for release of certificates of exemption derattizzation,medicinal box and water tank for the ships
  • Assistance to release Consulate authorizations for Departure of ships (where in demand)
  • On line connection with the Office of Financial Ministery in Rome
  • Intrastat formalities
  • Telematic transmission EDI.