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Francesco Baittiner e figli s.r.l., a company that specializes in the sea and international transport sectors, is the result of a family tradition that sinks its own roots towards the end of 1800. Born from Francesco Baittiner, it exclusively founded its shipping business in the port of Naples, thus starting a profitable traffic with the countries of Northern Europe and in particular with England. The company was initially named Francesco Baittiner, and it continued its activities from generation to generation until the grandson, Francesco, whom in 1983 encouraged his 3 young children, Gabriella, Bianca and Mario to carry on the company activities.

This was the origin of Francesco Baittiner e figli s.r.l. that is situated in the heart of the harbor city of Naples. Its offices are nearest to the heart of the Port, Customs House, and the Finance Guard. It is ten (10) minutes away from the airport of Capodichino and twenty (20) from the Interporto di Nola where its own warehouses reside. Moreover, the company takes advantage of correspondents on the international scale at the ports of Genoa, Salerno, Livorno and in the cities of Rome, Milan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

Logistic assistance, customs consultancy, a well-conceived international transport network and a central distribution chain on the main traffic routes are the real strengths of the company. Today, Francesco Baittiner e figli s.r.l. is founded more on logistic understanding and not only the mere “movement of goods”. It is a representation of a service that embraces the entire transport chain: delivery of the cargo, transportation, warehousing, and destination delivery.

In response to the growth of e-business and the greater number of companies that work online, Francesco Baittiner e figli s.r.l. takes care of all the aspects that are interposed in the management of an order up to invoicing. Therefore, its customers can take advantage of the company’s integrated service: assistance control and verification, distribution and customization of activities relevant to the requirements. Likewise, the company is particularly active in the international transportations, import from the “far east”, customs consultancy, and distribution from Naples Interporto towards Campania Italy.

Through the constant modernization of the European legislation in matter and thanks to a preferential network of connections with the Ministry, Francesco Baittiner e figli s.r.l. offers a timely and effective consultancy service on all issues related to the clearance of goods in Italy and the production of the necessary documentation in order of licenses, surveillance documents and everything else necessary.

Francesco Baittiner e figli s.r.l. puts at the service of its customers a century-long experience in the sector, always keeping its know-how in terms of current regulations. The company handles loads of containers quickly and safely thanks to an active network that guarantees direct landings on both the ports of Naples and Salerno and through the main maritime hubs of Gioia Tauro, Malta and Taranto.
It follows the loads throughout the transport, providing fast and comprehensive answers on any kind of problem in real-time: it is able to carry out quality controls on the goods at the origin.

Francesco Baittiner e figli s.r.l. combines an efficient consultancy and distribution service with its transport. Through the warehouses located at the Interporto di Nola, which is a central point with respect to the major traffic routes, the company is able to aggregate and disaggregate loads and deliver them to their destinations in very short times.